Contest over!And winner

December 22, 2009

After a day of commenting the contest is over!Around three people commented so thank-you to all of you.Before I give the results we have 300 HITS so party details very soon.

And the winner of the first ever competition on Clubpenguin chase is…………………………FASTJORDAN CONGRATS!

You win 5 catrd jitsu codes which will have to be sent to you in 1 or two days due to email problems.Anyway Fastjordan is so cool he’s got a blog,cool personality and a all round cool penguin.

His site is please comment on his site for him he deserves it.

Last thing:Sorry I havent been posting ive been busy on work so by tommorow more posts will be posted.


Waddle on!


Over 100 hits!

December 21, 2009

IN just one day we have 100 hits so its time to celebrate with……A PARTY!I can’t wait can you?I will post the cheats later.Keep visiting lets try and beat 200 hits by telling your freinds.

Mision 11 robots!

December 21, 2009

OVer the Christmas period Penguin robots have been found over the island this could be to do with the new mision 11 coming out after Christmas.

Theyre located at the Dojo courtyard,Ski hill and the Ski village.

Comment on what you think of them!

Ps:Thank-you for people visiting and entering the contest

Hi there and Card Jitsu code contest

December 21, 2009

HI there my names 44clubpenguin44 and this is my new club penguin site.I own 3 penguin Jibby jabby,King noo noo and Chopsticksma.I mainly go on the servers Belly slide and yeti but sometimes random ones.I am creating this blog for you to know all thecheats on club penguin!

Comment on any ideas I should put into the blog or tell your freinds!:)

CONTEST:Today we are going to have a contest to win 5 card jitsu codes for you penguin.To win you have to comment the most over the next day.The winner will be anouced tommorow so get commenting to win.

Ps: If you comment I will try and add you too my blogroll if you want add me too.

Hello world!

December 21, 2009

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!